New homepage

Hey my club penguin buddies!I was on club penguin today and I noticed that there is a new homepage screen.It is showing some of cp’s main attractions such as the famous penguins,puffles,and etc… If some of you have been on my youtube page(hazelc98) checking for vids,they are coming I had somewhat of a mishap so to say…BUT I am still hanging in there. So they should be coming,hopefully.Until next time my buddies.


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Music Jam goes on for another week

hey penguin bloggers,have you heard?The music jam has been extended for another whole week!!!Isn’t that great!Now you’ll have more chances to get to meet penguin band and dj cadence!Make sure you go to Club Penguin before it’s over.Until next time buddies….


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I’m baaaack

Hey guys,probably wondering where i’ve been.Well,at one point of time I took a break from cp,but now I am back playing it.So you know what that means,more updating on the blog!Hopefully this I will try to stick to it this time.Until next time cp bloggers!!


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Hey my buddies,just to let you that I haven’t left you hanging,its just that school is back in session and there has been a whole bunch of stuff with that.Sooo,but in the meantime I have been trying some different things such as trying to make CP videos!!!That’s great isn’t?, I’m moving on up! yea,so that’s what i’ve been doing towards the blog.I’ll be updating soon.If you want to find my youtube page search hazelc98.Its not my cp name like everything else is,but that’s me.Hopefully I will have a youtube widget.So yea,keep on the lookout for some vids.I’m still trying to learn how to work the stuff. Just keep that in mind.
– Disneyred9

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i’ve been out

hey guys, sorry i haven’t updated in a while.its just where i’m from school has already started.but, i’m still hanging in there.i get on cp every now and then.ill start updating soon.


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CP’s Newest Pin

Club Penguin has a new pin.It is located in the boiler room,
All you have to do is go to the boiler room.
walk over to to the boxes.
Click yes to get the pin.

Maybe the pin has something to do with the Mountain Expedition.What do you think?????

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